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August 7-9th, 2015


The Rosenort Festival is happy to announce the 2014 dates for the highly anticipated annual Festival; August  7-9th, 2015.

The Festival will be taking place at the same great location (Rosenort Arena grounds) which has recently been named Westfield Park.  SO don’t let the new name mislead you that the Festival has changed locations.  As a volunteer committee we are always looking for volunteers for the various events and suggestions as to how to make your weekend even more fun.  We want to continue to say a huge thank you to the 100′s of people who volunteer each year to help make the weekend a success and without the very generous business who sponsor the weekend, there wouldn’t be any fun to be had.  With the weather being less then warm these days, its a great time to work on perfecting your baking skills for the 2nd Annual From Scratch Bake-off competition.

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and don’t forget to check out their photo’s of last year’s festival!

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